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The Gondoliers December 1976
Waiting for Godot March 1977
Zigger Zagger March 1977
A Concert March 1977
A Midsummer Night's Dream December 1977
Iolanthe December 1978
Maria Marten Spring 1979
Man of Mode December 1979

The Gondoliers
(7-12 December 1976)

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If you can't remember the music, try The Gondoliers MIDI Page
It even has a karaoke facility!


Waiting for Godot
(17th March 1977)

There was some initial mystery over the date of this production, but help was at hand ....

"This production, in Tomlinson Hall, was in 1977 and I know that because I was in it!  As Pozzo!  A smaller but significant part that wandered through the lives of Vladimir and Estragon. I cant remember why we did it though I think it may have been Tim Eaton's suggestion.  I do recall that an English teacher (lady, blonde hair) was overseeing the production though we got on with it mostly by ourselves."

Cliff Martin


Zigger Zagger
(25th March 1977)

"Zigger Zagger followed Waiting for Godot, in the next week.  As far as I can remember one involved the junior drama group,
and the other the seniors.  I got roped in by Nick Varnon ... probably in a case of bribery.  Nick shared a flat with Mike Ronayne ... the man with the Betamax - I know we used to get them to tape programmes for us ... Dr Who springs to mind! I also recall sitting outside their flat door with a fellow inmate singing very loudly (and badly) and having loose change thrown
out of the door to make us go away ... one way to supplement our meagre pocket money allowances! Happy days!"

Liz Elfick

"Zigger Zagger - it was hell of a night.  The script was rather 'loose' & consisted of many rather rude football songs/chants.  We got so lost during the show that we kept reverting to another chorus of a song which brought into question the parentage of the referee.  I recall that the Warden brought a VIP & was very embarrassed - I think the drama teacher got away with it by the skin of her teeth!"

Andrew Smart


A Concert
(30th March 1977)

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A Midsummer Night's Dream
(December 1977)

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(8-10 December 1978)

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Programme front cover designed by Jennifer Botwood & Richard Scarborough
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Maria Marten
or 'Murder In the Red Barn'
Staged in Tomlinson Hall in the last week of Spring Term 1979

William Corder, son of the squire of Polestead Sally Worsley
Mister Marten, an honest rustic Susan McManus
Ishmael Lee, an old gypsy man Carolyn Bruce
Pharos Lee, his son Martin Plackett
Tim Bobbin Rudolph Spurling
Mark, a gypsy Paul Harrison
Amos, a gypsy Nancy McClean
Flatcatcher, a showman at the fair Sallyanne Fox
Tobersloper, "       "          "    "     " Martin Plackett
Jacko,           "       "          "    "     " Phillip Jones
Maria Marten, daughter to Mr Marten Pauline Colvin
Dame Marten, her mother Katrina London
Anne, a chambermaid, sister to Maria Kim Hammond
Villagers, Gypsies, utility ladies & gents Nicola Locke, Helen Plummer, Christine Wills
Stage Team Tracey Keyes, Dawn Wright, Michael Arnott, Chris Burman, Dominic Doe, Andrew Read

"My memory is that we just did it ourselves without any official College backing or staff involvement, although this may not be accurate."

Mike Arnott


Man of Mode
(December 1979)

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The Man of Mode - by George Etherege

The Cast

Dorimant; Sean Cunningham
Medley; Tim Armishaw
Young Bellair; Rudolph Spurling
Old Bellair; Andrew Blacker
Sir Fopling Flutter; Michael Taylor
Handy; Douglas Ridley
A Shoemaker; Andrew Read
Reverend Smirk; Andrew Read
Footmen, Bullies, Chairmen etc; Kevin Free, David Mason, Wesley Pollard, Nicholas Pond,
Tim Prouty, Andrew Read, Kevin Shippey, Gerard Stapleton, Martin Walters, Richard Smith.
Mrs Loveit; Judith Wright
Pert; Fiona Scott-Norman
Bellinda; Caroline Newlands
Harriet; Michaela Francis
Busy; Catherine Britton
Emilia; Kim Hammond
Lady Woodvill; Susan McManus
Lady Townley; Petra Norris
Orange Woman; Kim Hammond
Sir Fopling’s Dancers; Hazel Northwood, Sallyanne Fox, Fiona Scott-Norman.

Properties; Miss H. Fisher, Catherine Symonds, Kimberley Emmitt.
Costumes (W.A. Homburg Ltd); Miss P. Riggs, Mrs C. Rutherford.

Make-Up; Sara-Jane Bennington, Jayne Cox, Sue Crowe, Cathy Harding,
Sheryl Lewis, Claire Lefever, Sue Potter, Lynne Sheppeard.

Music arranged, researched and directed by Mr M.Goater and played by;
Mrs J. Tillett; Violin
Mrs A. Spurling; Recorder
Mr B. Parker; Harpsichord
Mr M. Goater; Bass Viol

Scenery made by Mr D.A. Chedgey’s 7th year Core Studies group under his direction.
Lighting; Michael Arnott, Chris Burman, Paul Jeffery, Steven Reader, Tracey Keyes.

Production Secretary; Katy Hooper
Producer; Mr D.J. Spurling
Stage manager; Mr C.N. Varnon.









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